This past year Mapgage have been successfully implemented within the municipality of Rotterdam to digitalise and improve the efficiency of outdoor surveys (stedelijk schouwen). Schouw surveys are executed by the municipality to update their city drawings.

Before using Mapgage, Rotterdam would print city drawings and write the observed discrepancies on the drawings. A lot of information, pictures and time were needed when they were back in the office to interpret the information so that it could be updated into their CAD drawings.

With the implementation of Mapgage, surveying personnel upload the latest city drawings to their tablet. All corrections are then marked digitally. Back in the office, all the data is automatically updated to CAD drawings.

During the implementation, they saw that the Mapgage solution is not only taking over the existing procedure but it also extending the gathered information with pictures, material details (there is no limit to the number of datasets that could be created) and allowing to generate content for cross-department sharing. In consideration of coming targets on circular economy and reuse of materials, Rotterdam is able to create and feed relevant datasets while they survey their external assets for schouw purposes.

Beyond undeniable quality of data generated, there is also quantity to support the value of Mapgage to Rotterdam. Time saving has been calculated at 50%. Rotterdam is ready to scale the application to all survey personnel.