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We are dedicated to saving you time and money.‌
We do this by improving your information flow between field to office because that’s where there is a lot of space for improvement.
The company is created by three entrepreneurs who have associated their experiences in geographic information systems, platform development, digitalisation of work, as well as in executing and managing surveys and inspection jobs all over the world. We knew that fieldwork progress administration and reporting was not efficient, getting together we decided to act upon the problem.

With MapGage we introduce a simple and flexible application which allows everyone to report and survey ongoing projects on the spot, allocate task responsibility to a person or team and keep track of all the snags in cities, construction sites and maritime projects.

We are proud to say that Mapgage is implemented and used by different area/ project managers, builders, architects, asset inspectors and Municipality personnel. Our implementations are always done in close collaborations so that each client will benefit most from Mapgage.

Francois LeGuillou


Ruben van der Neut


Roderick Ruhl

Co-founder (Asia)